Barclay PMU Patched Celtic Moss Highlander Coat Deep Forest Size 0

$645.00 USD

Post 2001


Winter Weight


Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Barclay Patched Highlander Coat is from a Winter Collection in Deep Forest in Perfect Condition with Added Patches Through The PatchMeUp Program Found only at This Desirable Piece is made from the Incredible Winter Weight Celtic Moss. The Features Include: This Incredibly Soft Plush Dense Celtic Moss ~ Absolutely Like no other Fleece ~ Springy Weighted and Extremely Heavy ~ The Wind Will not Travel through this Piece ~ Also Featured are Serious Seams Set on the Diagonal ~ Both Front and Back ~ The Front Sports an Empire Waistline while the Back a Very Interestingly Run on the Diagonal ~ A Total of Three Vintage Front Buttons ~ Tabbed and Set for Varying Closures ~ A Big Deep Collar Front Neckline ~ A Double Thickness Upper Bodice Cuff and Hem Circumference ~ Significant Patches Throughout ~ Plus One Super Front Lower Off Set Drop Pocket which Holds a Ton. Absolutely, the One and Only Warmest Piece Ever Made with Super Accents and a True-Blue Fish Flair ~ Wonderfully Sized Smaller than the Original Highlander But Larger Than the Newer Barclay Highlanders Making this Coat a True Winner! Check the huge Vintage Buttons! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 58 to 60 Button Dependent ~ Waist 68 ~ Hips 76 ~ Long Front Length 39 ~ Hem Sweep 90 ~ and the Length is 34 Inches.