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Holiday Fish Sparkles

The Fancy Fish Collection includes wonderous velvets, feathery organza, drapey viscose, silken linens, hemp silks, metallic paints, shimmery threads and various holiday themes all in a single collection.

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Memory Lane

A nostalgic display, reminiscent of the earlier Blue Fish days, featuring additional collections for your viewing pleasure.

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Guest Designer: Robin Brown

Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl clothing is designed by Robin Brown in Fredericksburg, Texas. Artist Robin 'Pearl' Brown is the creative spirit behind the exceptional company along with her partner John Gray. Together, they have built a grand offering of uniquely expressive clothing.

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Blog: The Blue Fish Clothing Years

Vintage Blue Fish Clothing Production Notes

An interesting "Behind the scenes look," into production notes and catalog offerings from the Summer 1991 through the Spring of 2001.

Guest Designer: Andrea and Gayle Shackleton

Tara HandKnits

Tara Handknit Sweaters are designed by the Hot Knots Sisters, Andrea and Gayle Shackleton of Northern California. These handmade pieces are made through the Association of Craft Producers: A Non-Profit Women's Cooperative in Kathmandu in Nepal.