Blue Fish Sizing & The Curve Conversion

In an effort an alternative create a sizing guide for fishers who are not sure of what size to purchase, we have created an alternative conversation guide to accurately categorize pieces according to their unique measurements:

These labels reflect the, "Generousness," of each piece.

" Not So Curvy ~ Kinda Curvy ~ Totally Curvy" 

The "Not so Curvy" Piece

  • The smallest pieces ~
  • Bust measures 30 ~ 42 inches
  • Hip measures 32 ~ 42 inches.

The "Kinda Curvy" Piece

  • The In-between pieces ~
  • Bust measures 43 ~ 54 inches
  • Hip measures 43 ~ 53 inches.

The "Totally Curvy" Piece

  • The more generous pieces ~
  • Bust measures 55 and above
  • Hip measures 54 inches and above
know your measurements!

Sizing History

The Blue Fish Clothing Company offered six sizes between the years of 1985 through present.

Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Limited Size 3's and 4's and One Size Fits All. 

Over the Blue Fish Era, the sizing was not always consistent. The actual measurements of each piece ranged from very tiny to super generous, and the "One Size Fits All," size did not always fit everyone. 

Sizes were often manufactured with varying bust, waist, hip, inseam, and length measurements within the same collection.

This variance was evident from year to year, season to season and even within the same style or cut.

This was just how Blue Fish produced the line, so know your measurements and how you like your Fish to fit!