Vintage Blue Fish Clothing Catalog Library ~ Years & Seasons ~ Looking for new or fine tuning a current collection? Identify old favorites and discover new gems! 

Outfit & layering ideas, size charts, color swatches, fabrics, styles, line drawings & specialty items! Explore the philosophy, ponder the poetry & inspiration notes, experience the spirit & adventure from each annual era!

Catalogs ~ 1990 ~ 1996

1990 ~ 1992

One catalog was printed for 1990 & 1992, but 1991 offered two extensive catalogs.


One catalog was printed in 1993. Line drawings included Fall I, Fall II & Fall III.


Two catalogs were printed in 1994. The reprocessed cotton debuted in the Winter.


Five catalogs were printed in 1995. Organic cotton had a limited Summer debut.


Four catalogs were printed in 1996. Blue Fish appears in the press and initiates a DPO.

Catalogs ~ 1997 ~ 2001


Four catalogs were printed in 1997. The Men's Line had a debut in the Spring and an additional release in Fall.


Four catalogs were printed in 1998. The collections were extensive & diverse in art, fabric, style & theme.


Five catalogs were printed in 1999. The SoHo store closes, but Doyleston opened w/ historical success.


Eight catalogs were printed in 2000. The Holiday catalog was photographed at Bethlehem Steel Park.


Only one catalog was printed in the Spring of 2001. In 2002 Blue Fish rebranded to Barclay Studios.