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Starbucks in Sedona

I Wear my Blue Fish everywhere!

Can Not Live Without!

My Fav Hoodie Back

My younger wonderful years.

Always getting complements on my Blue Fish clothing. I ALWAYS wear my Pride possessions. Diane please never change.

Sadly I had to return my last purchase ( hope does spring eternal) Diane was more than gracious and immediately refunded my purchase amount. This is one of the many things that makes BBF such a good experience. I live in Bluefish clothing ..both old and new. Thank you again Diane and of course I am already perusing for more perfect outfits!

Me at 18 yrs old❤️

Diane.....I can’t thank you enough for your magnificent pieces of art you present for my own to show off❣️

Visiting my local CSA provider in Blue Fish!

Been an avid Blue Fisher for over 20 years! What can i say..Blue Fish gets me!

Great cotton clothing. Love the originality and it always last forever! I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear Blue Fish Clothing. Best customer service Ever!

Diane my respect to you as a wonderful BF seller ❣️

Beyond, unbelievable ⭐️

Diane thanks for my smile ❣️

My Blue Fish Days

The best thing when I wake up is slipping on my BlueFish for the day.

2000 Black Lily Jacket

Seriously? I wear Blue Fish because it camouflages how terrible pictures of me turn out! No one gets to take my picture. You are really asking a lot! For you, I'll see what I can do. I suppose you also want the picture of the dress & jacket with me in it? Oh, Diane, you are so special, but I'd be more inclined to send my first-born! Let's see what I can do? Oh vey! My BlueFish clothing is one of the ways I have fun in life. First, purchased the dress and a couple of months later, this jacket showed up, the perfect combination for cooler days here in the PNW. Love my Bluefish!

This cap is the most grooviest piece! Love this cap.

One of Sheila’s closets.

Cutest tunic ever!

I love BFF. Look forward to each months collection. I always find something I love. Always look forward to next collection and always find something I have to buy.

Feeling Like a Work of Art!

The Inspiration!

They Love Blue Fish Too

Tweetie in orange & Tilly white.

Could not be more happy!

I love Bluefish Clothing and Diane is the best personal shopper ever!

THE BEST DOG Who likes to dress well too.

Great experience great communication and a personalized experience.

Love this pant PJ.

Wow wee love,love this PJ. Of course I will wear this as pants also. I have many many Blue Fish tops to go with it❣️
Thank you Diane for my smile

Bluefish in Cancun!

Love these pockets!

I love BFF. Look forward to each months collection. I always find something I love.

The ultimate bluefish camp short: Cool and stylush!

I’ve been wearing Blue Fish since before my twins were born—they are 26 now. I live near Frenchtown but not near enough to be able to get there that often. And once they were born, they were outfitted in Blue Fish too! They were on a national TV morning show when they were just a few months old—to help publicize a book I had just written. Of course they were outfitted in Blue Fish!

My Hoodie

I have been shopping on BFF with Diane for many years. I always look forward with great anticipation to the beginning of each month to look at her new collections. She communicates very well with her customers, willing to send extra pictures, confirm descriptions, and take more measurements. Her customer relations are wonderful, we have communicated through email and phone to assure the items will work for me. In the rare instances that I guessed wrong she makes immediate exchanges or refunds. I love everything I have purchased from Diane and look forward to discovering more Blue Fish treasures in the future.

First NWT and perfecto. Drawstring waist suits me :) Hot and dry SW New Mexico summers deserved t...

I've been buying from Bluefishfinder for almost 10 years. Wow ! They are the only place for me. Diane finds the special 1996 Equilateral tops, which I can never remember the name of, but she always does! I totally adore that top. She's always coming up with a new one she has found to share with me. These shorts completely met all my needs. There is always something!
Love you Diane.

Best black pants ever!!! Barclay 4 square pants

iLove Bluefish, iLove vintage clothing and iLove wearable art. That being said, iLove Bluefishfinder for providing an avenue for Blue Fish lovers to fish and find unique vintage clothing. Whenever I am looking for an extraordinary Blue Fish piece to satisfy my artsy personality or just to complete an outfit, I know that I am fishing in the right pond at Bluefishfinder. Diane’s shop is awesome, her attention to detail is outstanding and her customer service is excellent. I have received all of my purchases in great condition and in a timely manner. I said it personally, but would like to share it publicly...Diane, you rock. I always receive the nicest compliments whenever I rock pieces from my Blue Fish collection. Bluefishfinder is great retail therapy, I always feel less stressed and more refreshed when browsing through the Bluefishfinder site. Bluefishfinder is the bomb dot com!!! Thank you Diane. Sincerely, Bevvie