~ PatchMeUp Custom Orders ~ 

A New Unique Way to Rediscover Vintage Blue Fish Clothing! 


🧵 How it Happened:

PatchMeUp is a concept which originated from the desire to upcycle Vintage Blue Fish painted patches. When a Blue Fish piece can not be worn for various reasons, the painted patches and art are then salvaged and repurposed to further adorn other favorite pieces of clothing.

🧵 Why It Works:

We all have our favorite pieces, or other perfectly fitting garments which seem to just become our all-the-time go-to choices. We definitely all also have our Blue Fish favorites too. These pieces are just perfect in shape, color, texture, design or art, theme, sentiment or perfect functionality.

When carefully and creatively combining, your favorite garment and salvaged Blue Fish remanence, any garment can be upcycled! You receive a guarantee fit when submitting a piece for embellishments. A comfortable and familiar feel, but also a renewal of the Vintage Blue Fish Spirit!

🧵 How It Works:

🪡 Select and Send: The garment Blue Fish or other which you wish to have patched in the Vintage Blue Fish Sprit. Choose any garment of which you absolutely LOve the fit, look and feel.

Alternatively if desired, you can choose to purchase an Unpainted Blue Fish piece from the site for patching, repairs or embellishment.

🪡 Select and Purchase: The Patch Set from the Available Patch Collection.  Also purchase a piece for embellishing if not providing one for your custom order.

🪡 Complete: "A Note to The BlueFishFinder," at checkout to provide us with any special details / patch placement / preferences ect.

🪡 Approve: The layout and design. We will send you a proof of your design via email prior to the start of the sewing process. Simply reply to our email for any customization changes or just call for a design consult.

🪡 Allow: Four to Five weeks from the approval date for the completion of your order.

🪡 Pricing at Checkout: The Mounted Patch Sets Include: The design idea, materials and labor for all patches to be mounted onto the the piece you sent or purchased for upcycling. When choosing the The Patch Only Option, we will send  the Patch Set to you as pictured. 

🪡 Shipping The Final Product: When completed and after your approval, your upcycled piece will be sent back to you via Complimentary Shipping through USPS Priority 2-3 day Insured to the purchase amount.

🪡 Consider Viewing: All the Unpainted Pieces for additional Patching. Also consider choosing your own piece to send. We can patch over holes, stains or other imperfections your beloved pieces may display. Previous PatchMeUp projects can also be viewed in the Patched Pieces collections.

Terms of Agreement: 

* Refunds, returns or store credit can not be granted on

Custom Patched Designs.