2000 Rayon Lycra Midi Bubble Trio Sparkle Border Charcoal Size 1 2

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This Midi Jumper Size 2 Long Sleeved Top Size 1 and Matching Bubble Skirt Size 2 are from the Spring Collection of 2000 in Charcoal in Perfect Condition made from Rayon Lycra. The Features of This Sweet Jumper include: A Unique Fall and Sway ~ Great Dippy Size Pockets~ Rear Drawcord Back ~ A Gentle Scooped Neckline ~ Superior A Line Shape ~ Varying Hemline Not too Deep Arm Openings and Abundant Continuous Sparkle Border Theme Paint. A Super Great Springy Fabric ~ Is Fabulously Weighted Terrific for Travel ~ Perfect With any Plain Under Piece! The Measurements for the Outer Jumper are as Follows: Bust 26 and Open ~ Waist 52 ~ Hips 62 ~ Hem Circumference 120 ~ Front and Back Lengths 45 and the Side Lengths are 49 Inches.

The Features of the Super Little Layering Piece Boasts an Easy Forgiving Fabric ~ A Rounded Neckline ~ A Crop Length ~ Slimmer Longer Sleeves and is Fully Painted in the Sparkle Border Theme Paint. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 42 ~ Waist 36 ~ Hips 36 and the Length is 23 Inches.

The Features of the Bubble Skirt include: A Super Thin Full Elastic Waistline ~ A Straighter Stretch Cut ~ A Super Gathered Bubble Bottom and a Tapered Elastic Hemline. A Super Cute Skirt with all the Spring Stretch and Bounce of that Fancier Fish! The Upstretched but Super Stretchy  Measurements are as Follows: Waist Fully Relaxed 30 ~ Waist Fully Extended 50 ~ Hips 52 ~ and the Length is 38 Inches