2000 Resort Catalog Change and Growth OS

$20.00 USD

Original Full Edition Blue Fish Catalog 2000 Resort Mint Condition Pages 1~ 22 ~ Includes 26 Line Drawings and Accessories Features the Biology Theme! Full of Very Interesting Material Such as:The Cotton Parachute Accessories ~ Hemp Silk Fleece Cotton Batiste ~ Chambray Tencel ~ woven Cotton Hemp ~ Kephron ~ And the Lovely Hemp Cotton Knits ~ Plus The Cotton Pique! You will Find such wondrous Pieces as: The Recycle Jacket ~ The Fleece Sweatshirt ~ The Theo Top and Philos Jacket ~ Shade Skirt and Libby Jumper! Include Three Unusual Bags and a Unique Artist Stamp Page!

Vintage Blue Fish Clothing By Jennifer Barclay