1999 Antique Top Place Setting Heliotrope Size 1

$225.00 USD



Medium Weight


Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Antique Top is from the Spring Collection of 1999 in Heliotrope is in Perfect Condition Made from Medium Weight Linen. The Features Include: Varying and Vented Sides ~ Two Hidden Side Entry Hidden Front Rounded Pockets ~ V Neckline accented by a Rounded line ~ Continuing Rear Rounded Drop Collar ~ Superior Place Setting Theme Paint ~ The Tiny Sweet Signature Blue Fish Path Lower Back ~Plus the Breeze and Movement of Softer Linen! The Measurements are as Follows:  Bust 52 ~ Waist  52~ Hips 58 ~ Front and Back Length 34  ~ and the Side Lengths are 37 inches.