1993 Two Story Skirt Unpainted Teal Size 2

$265.00 USD



Medium Weight

Cotton Jersey

Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Two Story Skirt is from The Fall Collection of 1993 in Teal in Perfect Condition made from a Double Layered Mid Weight Cotton Jersey. The features of Rare Piece Include: A Full Thinner Elastic Waistline ~ Two Lovely Tears of Flouncy Cotton and a Super Wide Weighted Lower Sweep ~ A Truly Fascinating Piece. Beautifully done in this Skirt makes for the Triple Layered Look when paired with a flouncy Upper Piece creating all the Sway and Bounce of the Classic Fish Look. The measurements are as Follows Waist relaxed 26 ~ Waist Extended 42 ~ Hips 48 ~ Layer one Length 30 and the Total Length is 38 Inches.