1993 Modernismo Duster Dress Columns Ash Pink OSFA

$125.00 USD



Cotton Jersey

Kinda Curvy

Medium Weight

Slightly Imperfect


This Modernismo Duster is from the Spring Collection of 1993 in Ash Pink in Perfect One Size Fits All Condition with the slightest dye flaw Lower rearΒ  ~ A Rub Mark Rear Neckline ~ and Several random spots Throughout ~ Totaling 3 or 4 about the size of small dimes. The Features of this Very Rare and Never Seen Collectible Include: Bright Abundant Vintage Column and Leaf Theme Paint ~ A Lovely Set of Old Time Wooden Topped Buttons ~ Top Single Vintage Pink Textured Button ~ Two Great Kangaroo Type Front Pockets set on the Downward Diagonal ~ A Super Scooped Neckline ~ A Huge Sweeping Lower ~ A Graduating Rounded Swing ~ Super Draw cord Back ~ Fabulous Over sized Patch and A Thicker Banded Hemline! Great Piece ~ The Smaller Measurements are as Follows: Bust 44 ~ Waist 46 ~ Hips 54 ~ Hem Circumference 90 and the Length is 52 Inches