1999 Breeze Jacket Cherry Tea Time Spring OSFA

$225.00 USD



Organic Linen

Totally Curvy

Light Weight

Perfectly Pre Owned

This Breeze Jacket is from the Spring Collection of 1999 in Spring in Perfect Condition with a few light Lower Sleeveย smudges smaller than dimes made from A Light Weight Handkerchief Linen. The features include: A Singe Button Closure ~ The Classic Sailor Painted Collar ~ An Upperย Rear Shoulder Panel With a Generous Swing ~ Exterior Oversized Drop Painted Front Pockets ~ A Varying and Rounded Hemline ~ Signature Blueย Fish Patch ~ Sweet Cherry and Teatime Theme Paint and A Super Breezy Flow.ย ย The Measurements are as Follows:ย  Bust 56 ~ Waist 62 ~ Hips 72 ~ Sweep 120 ~ Front Length 30 and the Back Length Measuresย  40 Inches.