Blue Fish Clothing 2000 – Wholesale Line Sheets

“There is power in examination and truth in motion.”  ~Excerpt from the 2000 Resort Catalog

The year 2000 was chaos.  The most ludicrous things happened.  Managers would play out coups and take over entire areas.  Calendars would be 4 months behind, and people would shrug their shoulders.  An endless game of hide and seek was played with creditors, investors and the lending institution.  Upper management would spend the year staving off the bankruptcy court, and searching for investors.  There was a shut down in January and February.

Despite all of these setbacks, the company manages to open a lovely little store in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  It does terribly for walk-in trade, but a booming phone and mail order business ensues as customers realize that they have the styles that the other stores have sold out!  The year 2000 styles are as inspiring and beautiful as any others the company had produced.  The 2000 Holiday catalog was shot at the Bethlehem Steel Park.  The catalog is the most fascinating and aesthetically pleasing effort of all the company’s catalogs.  The black and white shots of the steel plant are incredulously beautiful.

There are wholesale line sheets for only the spring and summer of this year.  There are copies of the Holiday, Winter, and Resort catalogs.