Blue Fish Clothing 1999 – Wholesale Line Sheets

“Speak to the Earth in a language beyond words…Your Actions.”  ~Excerpt from the 1999 Summer Catalog

In spring of 1999, Blue Fish went through an upheaval.  A new investor to the company, came in, and began changing everything.  Two weeks later, the investor changed his mind and left.  Jeff, who had left when the investor came in, came back for a short amount of time.  Everyone felt like there was no direction; no one at the wheel.  The company had condensed back into the 6th Street Building, leaving the leased space at Birum.  Leslie Holzman, designer had left the company. By summer, the SoHo store had closed.  Towards the end of the year, Bob Salerno was hired as an acting part-time CEO.  Blue Fish declared bankruptcy in November of 1999.   A series of cut-backs would continue from 1999 to 2000.  The turn-over in management and structure, especially in the sales management would also continue.  The year also saw success with the opening of the Doyleston store, which quickly grew to make a profit and was the most economical store opening in Blue Fish history.

The season codes in 1999 ran “A” through “R” with no basic lines and no resort line.  All of the wholesale styles were represented on the wholesale line sheets and the catalogs.