Blue Fish Clothing 1998 – Wholesale Line Sheets

“We are inspired by the growing deep expansive & timeless Stories.” ~Excerpt from the 1998 Spring Catalog

1998 was missing half of the year!  No Blue Fish line sheets for Fall and Winter can be found!

Plans to move to a new facility in Palmer Township, Pennsylvania in 1998 did not happen.  By the end of the year, things had started to get pretty bad financially.  The search for investors ensued as the company was losing money.  Jeff Haims as appointed CEO after Marc Wallach’s contract ran out in the spring.  The last official report received by shareholders was in November of 1998 enclosed with the invitation to the stockholders’ meeting.

The style number structure set up in the fall of 1997 remained until the company’s closing in 2001; however, the season codes were constantly fluctuating, and were not consistent from year-to-year.  In 1998, seasons “A” through “K” changed to represent the spring through resort styles.  Numerals were used to represent basic line, which were shipped over more than one season.  So was the basic line for Spring 2, Summer, etc.