Blue Fish Clothing 1995 – Wholesale Line Sheets

“Together our hands and hearts, Blue Fish grows change in positivity in the things we believe in.” ~Excerpt from the 1995 Summer Catalog, not included in this packet

A strong environmental and socially conscious company begins to emerge.  The Blue Fish garden is introduced, and organically grown cotton is given a brief test run before being used in all cases of cotton jersey.  The retail stores now included Frenchtown, Taos, and Santa Fe with plans in the works for more.  For summer, the company dabbled in producing big canvas bags and selling house wares, like pillows and other accessories.

The first organic cotton offered in summer of 1995 came in just natural and tan.  Denim and knit sweaters were also offered during this year.  By the end of 1995, a tremendous variety in fabrications became available from acetate Lycra to chenille.  By fall of 1995, the organically grown cotton was being offered in the line colors.  The cotton Lycra was no longer made for Blue Fish by Danskin, but was made by Blue Fish along with all the other garments.

The production facility had outgrown the building at 6th Street.  By early 1996, the Birum Building just up the road from the Frenchtown store was leased.  Half of production, the receiving department, design, embellishing, graphic arts, and patternmaking were all moved to the Birum Building.  This splitting of the production facility contributed to the eventual downfall of the company as costs sky rocketed due to increased handling and overhead.