Blue Fish Clothing 1994 โ€“ Wholesale Line Sheets

โ€œHaiku joins heaven + earth, walk quietly, quickly comes the Slowing, Falling leaves and constellations call miro mysteriesโ€ฆMind turns everywhere.โ€ย  ~Excerpt from the 1994 Fall I wholesale line sheet

1994 at Blue Fish showed some experimentation in printing style.ย  It was the introduction of the textural block, and a new more sophisticated, muted style of printing.ย  It was also a year of extensive style variances with a large quantity of styles being offered every season. The style number structure remained the same as had been set up at the end of 1993.ย  Season 1 was in the spring, running numerically through the year to a resort season of 7.ย  Some new fabrications were introduced including the reprocessed heavy weight cotton, which was assigned the digit โ€œRโ€ in the style number (not to be confused with the Rib of 1993). Sizing remained mostly 1 and 2, with a size 3 (smallish over sized) and size 4 (largish over-sized) also appearing.ย  Blue Fish now began to recognize the popularity of anything with the Blue Fish creativity applied to it.ย  There are line sheets for promo items sold to wholesale accounts to aid in their store displays.