Barclay Metal Button Workshirt Contrast Stitch Bell Skirt Duo Black Size 2

$275.00 USD $191.00 USD

This Barclay Metal Button Workshirt and Contrast Stitch Bell Skirt are from A Fall Collection in Black in Mint Condition made from Linen. The features of the Metal Button Workshirt Include: Super Metal Front Buttons ~ A Varying Shirttail Vented Hemline ~ Contrast Red Stitchery ~ Drop Shoulders ~ A Generous Hip Shape ~ And Comes to you Unpainted with the Matching Bell Skirt. The Measurements are as Follows for the Metal Button Workshirt: Bust 60 ~ Waist 62 ~ Hips 70 ~ and the Length is 34 Inches.The Features of the Fabulous Contrast Stitch Bell Skirt Include ~ A Full Elastic Waistband ~ Generous Hip Measurements and Matches Perfectly With All the Other Barclay Summery Linens! A Sure Winner for all Seasons. The Measurements are as Follows: Waist Fully Relaxed 28 ~ Waist Fully Extended 40 ~ Hips 62 ~ Sweep 65 and the Length is 38 Inches