Barclay Interlock Single Button Hooded Jacket Unpainted Dusty Grey Size 2

$125.00 USD

Post 2001


Heavy Weight


Totally Curvy

Slightly Imperfect

This Barclay Interlock Single Button Hoodie is from a Fall Collection in Dust Plum in Perfect Condition with obvious fade marks on the hood edge and where a hanger would fall. This piece is made from the Cozy Cotton Interlock. A Super Dense Tightly Knit Cotton with a smooth outer and a Cozy Fleecy Inner. The features Include: Wide Longer Sleeves ~ A Super Cozy Hood ~ A Single Cross Over Front Button Closure ~ An Upward Scoop Rear Hemline ~ A Single Drop Wrap around Side Pocket ~ Sweet Rolled Edges and Comes Unpainted. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 60 ~ Waist 60 ~ Hips 60  ~ Sweep 80 ~ Short Length 30 and the Long Length is 35 Inches.