Barclay Brocade Pull Up Cross Over Dress Steel Teal Size 2

$285.00 USD

This Brocade Pull Up Cross Over Dress is from a Holiday Collection in Steel Teal in Perfect Condition made from a Beautiful Embroidered Rayon. The Features include: An Elongating Length ~ Fabulous Little Pull Cord Lower Forearms ~ A Raised Cross Over Front Bodice ~ A Downward Yoked Waistline ~ A Lovely Double Layered Lower Gauze Hem accented in Two more Pull Cords and is Just an Excellent Fancy Dress with the Continuous Brocade Floral Pattern! A Super Drape and Sway in the Little Number ~ The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 54 ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 58 ~ Sweep 80 ~ First Hem Length 45 and the Full Length is 50 Inches.