Barclay Batiste Rolled Paper Turtleneck Top Unpainted Black Size 2

$145.00 USD

Post 2001



Kinda Curvy

Light Weight

Perfectly Pre Owned

This Barclay Rolled Paper Turtleneck inย Black is inย Perfect Condition made from A Lightweightย Batiste Cotton. The features Include: A Lovely Wider Draping Double Cow Neckline ~ Beautifully Finished off Rolled Conjoined Edges ~ Generous Drop Shoulders ~ A Slightly Longer Tapering Shape with a Varying Front Back Hemline and is all done in this Lovely Super Soft Double Layered Light Weight Stretch Organic Cotton. Comes to you Unpainted and Ready for Layering. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 54 ~ Waist 54 ~ Hips 52 ~ Side Lengths 27 and the Front Back Length is 30 Inches.