1998 Traveler's Jacket Celestial Travel Tea Dye OSFA

$345.00 USD



Medium Weight

Organic Linen

Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned

This Traveler's Jacket is from the Holiday Winter Resort Collection of 1998 in Tea Dye in Perfect Condition made from Mid Weight Linen ~ The Features includes: A Lovely Corded Linen Flyaway Hoodie and A Full Front Button Billowy Flow ~ ~ Sweet Vented Sides ~ Deep Side Pockets ~ A Varying Square Lower Hem Sporting Inseam Pockets ~ A Generous Although Smaller Busted Square Boxy Shape ~ Interesting Side Wrap Panels and The Celestial Travel Theme Paint ~ Complete with the Signature Blue Fish Patch! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 50 ~ Waist 52 ~ Hips 60 ~ Sweep 90 Front Length 33 and the Back Length is 40 Inches.