1997 PMU Patched Thermal Long Sleeved Top Leaf Mandorla Size 1

$185.00 USD



Heavy Weight


Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Patched Long Sleeved Layering Thermal is from the Holiday Collection of 1997 in Mandorla in Perfect Condition made from Thick Cotton Thermal. This Piece has been Patched through The PatchmeUp Program here at Bluefishfinder.com. This Easy Layering Piece Features: The Forever Forgiving Thermal Fabric  ~ Simply Superior for Layering ~ Completely Loaded with a Rolled Neckline and a Slightly Tapered Waistline ~ Just Warm and Cozy ~ Everybody's Cooler Day Layering Basic. Sports a Center Patch in The Leaf Theme with a Continuous Whip Stitchery Border.  The Smaller although Stretchy Measurements are as Follows: Bust 44 ~ Waist 42 ~ Hips 44 ~ and the Length is 24 Inches.