1997 Mason's Jacket Structural Lumber OSFA

$225.00 USD




Totally Curvy

Medium Weight

Perfectly Pre Owned

This Mason's Jacket is from the Fall Collection of 1997 in Lumber in Perfect Condition made from a Combination with a few orangish streaks inside lower cull ~ Made from Soft Corduroy and Light Weight Taunt Cotton. This Lovely Piece is Fabulous in Texture ~ Wears Like Forever and is Versatile depending on Season. The Features Include an Interestingly Folded Neckline ~ Two Front Painted Pockets ~ Cuffed Cord Sleeves ~ Swirl and Otherwise Carved Little Metal Buttons ~ Little Sweet Tiny Rivets on Pocket Edges ~ Paint done in the Structural Home Theme with a Sectional Back! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 56 ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 56 ~ and the Length is 28 Inches.