1997 Belladonna Jacket Tall Hat Geranium Size 1

$265.00 USD



Medium Weight

Organic Cotton

Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Belladonna Jacket is from the Spring Collection of 1997 in Geranium in Perfect Condition Made from Organic Cotton. This Highly Desirable and Versatile Piece Features: Two Detachable Pocket Purses accented by 4 Extra Super Long Rippies ~ 12 Tiny Textured Coordinating Knotted Buttons ~ Whimsical Top Hat Theme Paint ~ A Flirtatious 10 inch Bottom Flounce which Measures 130 in in Circumference! This is one Fun Swingy Flippy Flounce!  Totally a Funky Piece in the True Fish Flair!  The Measurements are as Follows:: Bust 48 ~ Waist  48 ~ Hips 48 and the Length is 40 inches.