1996 Velvet Vented Crop Top Cosmos Pant Duo Ebony Size 1

$275.00 USD $220.00 USD

This Velvet Vented Crop Top and Matching Cosmos Pant are from the Winter Holiday Collection of 1997 in Ebony in Perfect Condition Made from a Stretchy Velvet Knit ~ A Dense and Tightly Knitted Blend~ Serious in drape and Flow Weighted and Springy ~ Absolutely Elegant Together. The Features of the Vented Crop Top Include Longer Slightly Tighter Sleeves ~ Sweet Little Vented Sides ~ A Square Boxy Shape and Bursting Aqua Sun Theme Paint. The Stretchy Measurements are as Follows: Bust 48 ~ Waist 50 ~ Hips 52 and the length is 22 Inches. The Features of The Forever Cosmos Include: Suggestively Painted Lowers ~ A Fill 2 inch Elastic Waistband ~ Big Swingy Bottoms ~ Is Completely Pocket Less and Offers an Amazing Swing to Every Step. The Measurements are as Follows: Elastic Waist Relaxed 25 ~ Elastic Waist Fully Extended 52 ~ Hips 52 ~ Inseam 24 and the Length is 39 Inches.