Barclay Tencel Collar Drawstring Studio Duo Spin Flower Sepia Size 1

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Post 2001


Medium Weight

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Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned

This Barclay Collar Top and matching Studio Pant are from a Fall Collection Sepia in Perfect Condition made from Tencel. This Lovely and Elegant Duo Is Supreme in Paint and Fabric ~ One of the Fancier Barclay's from the Earliest of Collections. The Collar Jacket Features: A Narrowed Pointed Dramatic Collar ~ Dippy Vented Sides~ A Slight A Line Shape ~ A High Back Shoulder Panel and The Bright Spin Flower Theme Paint  The Measurements are as follows: Bust: 48 ~ Waist 50 ~ Hips 54 ~ Sweep 60 and the Length is 32 Inches. 
The Matching Studio Pant Features: A Front Drawstring and Back Elastic Waistline ~ Side Entry Front Pockets ~ A Sight Crop Wide Leg and Coordinating Paint. The Measurements are as follows: Extended Waist 28  ~ Relaxed Waist 38 ~ Hips 52 ~ Inseam 23 and the Length 37 Inches.