2000 Parachute Overall Floral Black Size 0

$225.00 USD

The Parachute Overall Overall is from the Spring Collection of 2000 in Heliotrope in Perfect Condition Made from Light Weight Cotton Parachute. The Features Include: A Great over sized Painted Front Bib Pocket ~ Two Deep Side Pockets ~ Very Sturdy Adjustable Shoulder Straps Accented with Old Time Hardware ~ Metal Button Side Adjustments ~ Wide Swingy Painted Lowers ~ Drawcord Back ~ and the Classic 2000 Floral Theme Paint. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 13 and Open ~ Waist 42 ~ Hips 52 ~ Inseam and the Length is 50 ~ 57 Inches depending on the high or low Button choice. Vintage Blue Fish Clothing By Jennifer Barclay