Barclay PMU Patched Flower Garden Dress Citron Size 1

$245.00 USD

Post 2001


Medium Weight

Organic Cotton

Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Barclay Flower Garden Cardigan Dress is from a Spring Collection in Citron in Perfect Condition Made from a Medium Weight Organic Cotton ~ Fondly Adorned through the PatchMeUp Program here at Bluefishfinder ~ The Features of this Lovely Everyday Dress Include: A Slight Scooped Neckline ~ A Drop Straight Waist Seam Both Front and Back ~ A Widening Waist and Lower ~ Generous Folds of Fabric ~ A Front Exterior Flop Pocket and Giant Fish School Patches. The Smaller Busted Measurements are as Follows:  Bust 46 ~ Waist 50 ~ Hips 75~ Sweep 90 and the Length is 50 Inches.