Barclay Summercloth V Cord Wide Bottom Jumper Bolder Black Size 2

$245.00 USD $225.00 USD

This Barclay V Cord Wide Bottom Ruched Jumper of in Black in Perfect Condition made from Mid Weight Hemp. The Features Include: Fully Adjustable Shoulder Straps ~ A Huge Sweeping Hemline ~ Drop Downward Curved Waist Seam ~ Sectional Panels ~ A Reverse Triangular Insert ~ Bubble Bottom Accented with Vertical Drawcord and Big Rounded Bolder Theme Paint! Superior With a Layering Piece! Substantial in Weight and Texture ~ A Truly a Great Jumper. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 20 and Open ~ Waist 48 to 50 ~ Hips 52 ~ Length is 48 to 54 depending on the Shoulder Lengths.

Blue Fish Clothing by Jennifer Barclay