Barclay Cotton Lycra Banded Sleeve Dolman Top Mystic Maze Mud Size 2

$245.00 USD

Post 2001


Cotton Lycra

Totally Curvy

Heavy Weight

Perfectly Pre Owned

This Barclay Banded Sleeve Dolman Top is from a Fall Collection in Mud in Perfect Condition made from Heavy Weight Organic Cotton Lycra. The Features include: A Super Generous Wide Boxy Shape ~ A Rounded and Flattened Neckline ~ Dolman Banded Lower Sleeves A Banded Hemline ~ Significant Magic Maze Theme Paint and all Done in this Weighted Organic Cotton Stretch Fabric  The Generous Measurements are as Follows Bust 80 ~ Waist 80 ~ Hips 80 and the Length is 32 inches.