2000 Rayon Lycra Rib Crossroad Vest Pant and Top Trio 0 Size 1

$285.00 USD $142.50 USD

This Crossroad Vest in Charcoal Heather and Quadrant Pant plus the Rib Top in Cassias Heather are from the Holiday Collection of 2000 in Mint Condition Made from Rayon Lycra Rib. The Features of the Crossroad Vest Include the Forever Forgiving and Weighted Cotton Lycra Rib~ Extreme A Line Shape ~ V Neckline Accented By Exterior Crisscross Stitchery~ Matching Rear Mountain Stitchery ~ and a Double Paneled 2 Inch Hem Circumference ~ Just a Super Swing and Drape made from an Incredible Indestructible Material! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 46 ~ Waist 48 ~ Hips 52 ~ Sweep and the Length is 32 Inches. The Features of the Long Sleeved Top Include: A Crop Shape ~ A Slightly Fitted Lower Sleeved and all Done in this This fabulous Weighted Springy Ribbed Material! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 44 ~ Waist 44 ~ Hips 44 ~ and the Length is 23 Inches. The features of the Amazing Over Sized 0 Quadrant Pant Include: A Slightly Deeper Rise ~ A Full Elastic Waistline ~ A Shorter Inseam ~ A Great Cropped Boxier Shape ~ Special Just above the Knee Accents Similar to the 4 Squares ~ Just not a Dramatic ~ A Slightly Pegged Lower and Come to you in The Best of Style ~ Super Spring with the Bounce and Sway of a Fancier Fish in a Thin Rib! The Measurements are as Follows: Waist Fully Relaxed 28 ~ Waist Fully Extended 46 ~ Hips 50 ~ Inseam 23 ~ and the Length is 38 Inches.