2000 Pages Pullover Market Skirt Duo Celtic Black Size 2

$275.00 USD

This Pages Pullover and matching Market Skirt are from The Fall Collection of 2000 in Black in Perfect Condition made from Hemp Summer Cloth ~ an Extremely Weighted Woven, Fabulous Mid Weight, Textured Cloth ~ The Features Include: A Super Laced Front and Sleeve ~ Perfect Side Vents ~ A Varying Hem Line ~ A Super Line Shape ~ Two Large Front Pockets in a Diamond Shape with Generous Celtic Paint then Accented with a Super Fun Bottom Fringe ~ Double Paneled Neck, Cuff, Hem and Lacing Lines ~ A Super Sectional Bodice and all done in this Superior Weighted Hemp Summercloth. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 58~ Waist 62 ~ Hips 66 ~ Front and Back 36 ~ Length and Side lengths are 39 inches. The Features of the Market Skirt Include: Super Sectional Panels ~ A Full Elastic Waistline~ Lovely Lacings accented by Metal Eyelets Strung with Rope Cording and Only The most interesting Lower slightly tapered Line ~ Great Continuous Celtic Theme Paint. The measurements for the Market Skirt are as Follows: Elastic Waist Fully Relaxed 28 ~ Elastic Waist Fully Extended 50 ~ Hips 50 and the Length is 38 Inches.