2000 Crepe Rennai Jacket Lindrel Skirt Duo Loam Size 1

$285.00 USD

This Rennai Jacket and Matching Lindrel Skirt are From the Fall Collection of 2000 in Loam in Perfect Condition made From Cotton Crepe A Lovely Fancier Fabric, which Drapes and Swings Beautifully. The Features of the Rennai Jacket include: Unique Front and Back Ties ~ Dramatic Front Pointed Hem Accent ~ A Shorter Pointed Back Line ~ Elongated Sides ~ Dressy Gathered Cuffs ~ Tailored and Gathered Mid Back Line ~ Two Front Pockets and Detailed Colorful Paint ~ Interior Size Shoulder Tag is dyed over ~ so Please check the Measurements Carefully ~ The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 56 ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 56 ~ Front Length 41~ Back Length 37 Inches. The Features of the Lindrel Skirt include a Great Side Painted Pocket ~ Full Drawstring Waistline~ Sectional Bodice ~ Squared off Lower 12 Inches and Celtic Theme Paint ~ Much better piece than can be understood in just a picture. Super Fun Piece Can be Worn A Few Different ways ~ The Measurements are as Follows: Drawstring Waist Fully Cinched ~ Waist Fully Extended 26 to 54 ~ Hips 54 ~ and the Length is 38 Inches.