1998 Postmark Vest Straight Skirt Duo Travel Tea Dye Size 2

$165.00 USD

This Postmark Vest and Matching Straight Skirt are from the Winter Resort Collection in Tea Dye in Perfect Condition made from Mid Weight Organic Cotton. The Features of the Super Fun Postmark Include: A Deep Front V Shaped Neckline and opposite Rear Rounded Neckline ~ Superior Paint ~ An Oversized Pocket accented with A Square Porcelain Button ~ A Full Rear Button Line ~ Is completely Double Layered in Mid Weight Cotton ~ Superior Airmail Theme Paint and The Signature Blue Fish Patch. Absolutely can an Be Forward or Back ~ an absolutely Charming Vest with all The Blue Fish Extras. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 56 ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 60 ~ and the Length is 28 Inches. The Features of the Straight Skirt Include: A Full Elastic Waistband ~ A Straighter Slightly Longer Shape and is Painted in the Matching Travel Theme all around the Hem. The Measurements are as Follows: Waist Fully Relaxed 28 ~ Waist Fully Extended 50 ~ Hips 50 ~ and the Length is 38 Inches.