1998 Postmark Vest Straight Skirt Duo Canary Size 1 2

$245.00 USD $123.00 USD

This Postmark Vest Size 1 and Matching Straight Skirt Smaller Size 2 are from the Winter Resort Collection in Canary in Perfect Condition made from Mid Weight Organic Cotton. The Features of the Super Fun Postmark Include: A Deep Front V Shaped Neckline and opposite Rear Rounded Neckline ~ Superior Paint ~ An Oversized Pocket accented with A Square Porcelain Button ~ A Full Rear Button Line ~ Is completely Double Layered in Mid Weight Cotton ~ Superior Airmail Theme Paint and The Signature Blue Fish Patch. Absolutely can an Be Forward or Back ~ an absolutely Charming Vest with all The Blue Fish Extras. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 50 ~ Waist 50 ~ Hips 50 ~ and the Length is 28 Inches. The Features of the Straight Skirt Include: A Full Elastic Waistband ~ A Straighter Slightly Longer Shape and is Painted in the Matching Travel Theme all around the Hem. The Measurements are as Follows: Waist Fully Relaxed 28 ~ Waist Fully Extended 50 ~ Hips 50 ~ and the Length is 38 Inches.

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