1998 Botanicals Vitae Vest Papaver Pant Duo Myrtle Size 2

$265.00 USD

This Vitae Vest and Matching Papaver Pant in Myrtle are from the Spring Collection of 1998 in Perfect Size 2 Condition made from Woven Tencel ~ A Brushed Super Light Flowing Slightly Textured Fabric. The features Of this Lovely Vest include: A Beautifully Dipping V Shaped Neckline ~ A Super Varying Hemline ~ A Great A Line Shape ~ Super Thick Pearl Like Buttons ~ Fabulously Painted Botanicals and all Done in this Beautifully Draping Tencel. A Wonderful Duo ~ Not so often Seen in this Dreamy Buttery Fabric with Tons of Sway ~ The measurements for the Vitae Vest are as Follows: Bust 52 ~ Waist 54 ~ Hips 56 ~ Front Length 34 ~ Back Length 34 and the Sides Measure 50 Inches. The Features of the Papaver Pant Include: A Full Elastic Waistline ~ Super Wide Generously Painted Swingy Lowers ~ A Generous Hip Measurement ~ and a Neat Little Hem With a Slight Outside Upward Curve ~ The Measurements are as Follows: Waist Relaxed 30 ~ Waist Fully Extended 50 ~ Hips 58 ~ Inseam 25 and the length is 40 Inches.