1997 Velvet Aditi Dress Wind Spin Peacock Size 2

$325.00 USD




Kinda Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Aditi Dress is from the 1997 Holiday Collection in Peacock is in Perfect Condition made From a Lovely Stretch Velvet with a touch of Cotton Lycra. The Features Include: A Long Flowing Slightly Widening Feminine Shape ~ Linear from the Shoulder to Waistline and then Enhanced by a Belled Weighted Lower Half ~ Deep Side Pockets ~ Highly Specialized Paints in the Wind Spin Theme ~ Adorned at the Waist and Lower Skirt then Accented with Lovely Sheer Iridescent Translucent Silk Ribbon. Perfectly Flattering and Forever Flowing ~ Just as Fancy as the Day is Long ~ A Superior Drape and Flow~ Significant in Weight and Spring ~ The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 50 to 56 ~Waist 50 to 56 ~ Hips 64 to 70 and the Length is 52 Inches.