1997 Strapwork Jacket Diamonds OSFA

$325.00 USD

This Strapwork Jacket is from The Fall Collection of 1997 In Mint One Size Fits All Condition made from Organic Double Layered Cotton ~ The Colors are Combination of all the 97 Fall Season ~ This Lovely Vintage Collectible is Significant in Weight Drape and Flow ~ Unique and Rare Very Versatile allowing for the Utmost in Creativity and Definition~ Coordinating Lacing Throughout ~ Two Removable Sleeves Doubling as a Long or Cropped Jacket ~ Add the Sleeved Back ~ Have the Jacket ~ Featured is a Double Lined Bodice Accented by Three Huge, Stamped Clay Buttons ~ Four Removable Bottom Panels and Abundant Paint Supreme with the Twigloo Bottom from the same Season! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 58 ~ Waist 60 ~Front Length is 47 and the Back Length is 50 Inches.