1997 Pocket Purse Overall Beach Daffodil Size 2

$245.00 USD

The Pocket Purse Overall is from the Spring Collection of 1997 in Daffodil in Perfect Condition made from 100% Organic Cotton ~ The Features of this very generous Overall Include: A Super Fun Tie On Tie Off Oversized Painted Front Pocket accented with a Diamond Cut sparkly Button~ 5 Original Textured Matching Cut Buttons ~ Super Wide Swingy Legs ~ A Slight Empire Waistline ~ A Nifty Draw Cord Back ~ Fabulous Beachy Theme Paint ~ Plus Two Deep Side Pockets! Great Overall with a More Generous Length Measurement ~ The Measurements are as follows: Bust 54 ~Waist 54 ~ Hips 62 ~ Inseam 24 inches and the Length is 60 inches.