1997 Mosaic Top Cityscape Granite Size 2

$275.00 USD

This Mosaic Top is from the Fall Collection of 1997 in Granite in Perfect Condition made from Mid Weight Organic Cotton. The features Include: Two Fabulously Painted Front Pocket Set on a Special Angle ~ A Ribbed and Painted Neckline ~ Contrasting Ribbed Neckline ~ Drawcord Back ~ Drop Shoulders ~ A Slight Varying Hemline ~ A Huge A Line Shape and has Just the Best Super Swing ~ Great Top Super Flare and Painted in the Cityscape theme! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 56 ~ Waist 66 ~ Hips 80 ~ Front and Back Length is 37 and the Side Lengths are 40 and the Hem Circumference is 100 Inches.