1997 Elements Dock Vest Straight Skirt Duo Shells Atlantis Size 2

$265.00 USD

This Dock Vest and Straight Skirt are from the Spring Collection of 1997 in Atlantis in Perfect Condition made from Medium Weight Organic Cotton. The Features of the Dock Vest Include: A Single Button Closure ~ Signature Patch ~ High Vented Rounded Sides ~ A Drawcord Back ~ and The Triple Shell Theme Paint. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 52 ~ Waist 54 ~ Hips 60 ~ and the Length is 30 Inches.The Features of the Straight Skirt Include: A Full Elastic Waistband ~ A Straighter Shape and is Adorned in Matching Sea Life Theme all around the Hem. The Measurements are as Follows: Waist Fully Relaxed 28 ~ Waist Fully Extended 48 ~ Hips 48 ~ and the Length is 39 Inches.