1997 Caryatid Dress Centered Lantern Size 2

$245.00 USD

This Caryatid Dress is from the Fall Collection of 1997 Size 2 in Lantern in Perfect Condition Made from Mid Weight Organic Cotton. This Lovely Flattering Vintage Piece is Accented with Three Extra Long Rippies or lacings Both Front and Back! This Dress Allows for Incredible Versatility in Size and Dimension ~ Notice two adjustable Laces to the one in the rear ~ smashing with the Lattice Jacket from the same season! So Much Fun to Experiment with all these lacings! The Oversized Sweeping, Heavy Weight Skirt Accentuates Drape and Swing in True Style. A Wide A Line Skirt ~ Drop Shoulders and the Center Yourself Theme Paint. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 52 to 60 and Waist 52 to 60 ~ Depending on lacings Hips 62 to 70 ~ Hem Circumference 140 ~ and the Length is 56 Inches.