1995 Empire Dress Fan Black Velvet Size 1

$225.00 USD

This Empire Dress turned Tunic is from the Winter Collection of 1995 in Black Velvet in Perfect Condition made from Eco Cotton. The Long and Straighter Features Include: A Downward Specialized 5 inch Upper Waist Panel ~ Well Rounded Rolled and Specially Painted Neck Line ~ Slightly Tighter Lower Sleeves ~ A Lovely Narrowing Elongating Shape with The Beautiful Repetitive Fan Theme. Truly A Different Dress! This Vintage Piece is Stunning on all those who can Wear ~ Elegant ~ Can Be Worn Forwards or Backwards ~ Same exact Cut ~ Just change your paint around! The Smaller Size 1 measurements are as Follows: Bust 44 ~ Waist 42 ~ Hips 40 ~ and the Length is 40 Inches.