1995 Cotton Lycra Ballina Long Sleeved Layering Top Necklace Hollyberry Size 2

$85.00 USD



Medium Weight

Cotton Lycra

Not So Curvy

Perfectly Pre Owned


This Long Sleeved Lycra Layering Ballina Top is from the Winter Collection of 1995 in Hollyberry made from a Cotton Lycra Combination. This Easy Layering Piece Feature a Forever Forgiving Substantial Stretch Fabric ~ Makes a Superior Outer Top or Layering Top ~ Features the Ballerina Shaped Neckline ~ A Tapering Waist and a Narrowing Lower ~ Definitely Fitted and Shapely. Comes Painted in the Necklace Theme for the Fisher who prefers a Snug Layer! The measurements are as Follows: Bust 36 ~ Waist 30 ~ Hips 30 and the Length is 22 Inches.