1994 Wanderers Jacket Border Solstice Blue Size 2

$245.00 USD

This Wanderers Jacket is from the Winter Collection of 1994 in Solstice Blue in Perfect Condition with a few lower sleeve spots smaller than dimes Made from Cotton ~ This Absolute Classic Features a Wide Shawl Collar front and back ~ Downward Yoked Rear Upper Shoulder Seam ~ Sectional Side Inserts ~ Varying Hemline ~ A Lovely Vintage Top Button ~ Varying Swingy Hemline ~ Superior Abundant Paint ~ Enjoy the Ultimate Swing ~ and Additional Side Sectional Panels for Continuous Movement and Flair! The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 56 ~ Waist 70 ~ Hips 90 ~ Front and Back Length 32~ Side Length 38~ and the Hem Circumference is 120 Inches