1994 Cross Collar Top Soup Ochre Size 2

$265.00 USD $203.00 USD

This Cross Collar Top is from the Transitions Collection of 1994 in Ochre in Perfect Condition made from Cotton Jersey. The features of this Super Rare Collectible Include: A Sweet Pointed Sailor Collar Both Front and Back ~ A Widening Shape ~ All the Original Blue Fish Buttons ~ A Slightly Rounded Lower ~ A Great Signature Poetry Patch ~ A Seriously Dropped Lower Seam Accented with Cross Stitchery and Supreme Vintage 1994 Mixed Paint Featuring the rear Soup Theme.. The measurements are as Follows: Bust 54 ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 58 ~ Sweep 65 ~ Front and Back Lengths 35 and the Side Lengths are Sides are 33 Inches.