1997 Fresco Vest Diamond Square Stained Glass OSFA

$225.00 USD $158.00 USD

This Fresco Vest is from the Fall Collection of 1997 in Stained Glass in Perfect One Size Fits All Condition made from Mid Weight Organic Cotton. The Features Include: Deep Side Pockets ~ Not too Deep Arm Openings ~ A Lovely Varying Hemline ~ An Upward Scooped Front Hemline ~ A Wide Swingy A Line Shape ~ A Slightly Smaller Bust measurement ~ Nifty Over sized Front Buttons ~ and The Coolest Lacings Mid Back! A Bottom Super Border ~ Big Continuous Bright done in the Diamond Square Theme ~ Vintage Signature Blue Fish Patch and Rear Sectional Panels with Tons of Bottom Swing. This is one Super Sassy Number! The Measurements are as Follows Bust 52 ~ Waist 60 ~ Hips 76 ~ Hem Circumference 120 ~ Front Length 37 and the back Length is 41 Inches.

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