1994 Column Dress Belief Spirit Magic Mist Size 2

$285.00 USD $142.50 USD

This Column Dress is from the Winter Collection of 1994 in Mist in Perfect Condition made from Mid Weight Cotton. The Features include: A Full Front Button Duster Type Shape ~ Amazing Abundant Elongating Paint Done in the Supreme 1994 Theme ~ A Serious Full Bottom Kick Flounce ~ A Straighter Bodice Elongating Measurement ~ V Shaped Neckline ~ Longer Sleeves and a Back U Shaped Upper Shoulder Seam. This is one Hot Blue Fish Collectible Rarely seen in the desirable ~The measurements are as Follows: Bust 56 ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 56 ~ Sweep 120 and the Length is 54 Inches.

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