Barclay Patched Celtic Moss Highlander Coat Moss Green Size 1

$545.00 USD

This Barclay Patched Highlander Coat is from a Winter Collection in Moss Green in Perfect Condition Made from the Incredible Celtic Moss. The Features Include: This Incredibly Soft Plush Dense Celtic Moss ~ Absolutely Like no other Fleece ~ Springy Weighted and Extremely Heavy ~ The Wind can not Travel through this Piece ~ Also Featured are Serious Seams Set on the Diagonal ~ Both Front and Back ~ The Front Sports an Empire Waistline while the Back a Very Interestingly Run on the Diagonal ~ A Total of Three Oversized Vintage Front Buttons ~ Tabbed and Set for Varying Closures ~ A Big Deep Collar Front Neckline ~ A Double Thickness Upper Bodice Cuff and Hem Circumference ~ Significant Patches Throughout ~ Plus One Super Front Lower Off Set Drop Pocket which Holds a Ton. Absolutely, the One and Only Warmest Piece Ever Made with Super Accents and a True-Blue Fish Flair ~ Wonderfully Oversized and Extremely Weighted this make this Coat a True Winner for All. The Measurements are as Follows: Bust 50 to 54 Button Dependent ~ Waist 56 ~ Hips 64 ~ Long Front Length 39 ~ Hem Sweep 90 ~ and the Length is 42 Inches.

Blue Fish Clothing by Jennifer Barclay